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The Story of Driftwood (& Shelly Wiggins)

“Remember your journey…so that you might know the righteous acts of the Lord” Micah 6:5.

“Things sometimes seem to get worse before they get better.” That’s what I often tell my clients at the beginning of a healing journey.

In the course of one’s lifetime, there will be waves and storms. Just as driftwood is tossed about, sometimes being dashed against coral reefs in its journey from shore to shore, so it is that we are tossed about on the journey of our lives.

But even driftwood comes to find a home on the shore…a chance to breathe, to soften and to be molded.

Imagine a place where the silence is loud. Where you can stop the madness of a crazy schedule. Rest. Breathe. Hear the voice of God speak to your soul.

Imagine a place where you can speak your mind and get some answers to life’s toughest questions.

Imagine a life of following His will. Feeling His love. Walking with Him.

Imagine the possibilities. Begin the journey.

Our Story

Meet Shelly Wiggins


Founder & Counselor

Shelly Wiggins is committed to working with adults who want to overcome difficult or painful life experiences. Her specific areas of expertise include eating disorders, grief and loss, relationship issues, anxiety and women’s issues.

Shelly is a committed Christian with a deep understanding of life issues and is an experienced public speaker. She is also available for speaking engagements and working with women’s groups and church groups. Her wide-ranging experience as a group facilitator is often sought for working with those who struggle with eating disorders, co-dependency and addictive behaviors.

Her personal mission is to teach, nurture and demonstrate freedom through counseling ministries.

She is a member of the American Counseling Association and a Licensed Professional Counselor by the State of Michigan.

She conceptualized Driftwood Counseling Services in June 2000.

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